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Don Fornes               Austin Merritt
Don Fornes                                                             Austin Merritt

Over the last seven years, we’ve bootstrapped and grown our company, Software Advice from nothing to something pretty cool. We’ve learned a lot during the process and this blog is our forum for sharing what we’ve learned. 

We aren’t brash entrepreneurs swinging for the fences. We’re creative, but not quite visionary. But we are pragmatic and execution oriented. We try our best to lead our growing team by example. Too often, we dress pretty much the same.

We met in 2006 in Big Sky, Montana, through our university’s alumni directory. What started as a simple networking email from Austin turned into a great business partnership. Since then, we’ve built the company from a fledgling operation run out of a spare bedroom room to the team of 60 (and growing) that we have today. 

We’ve been through a lot of ups and downs together in the process: Struggling to get our website developed while Don’s new puppy, Stinson, pooped in the house; desperately seeking decent bandwidth while working from Argentina (seemed like a fun idea at the time), and relocating our business to San Francisco and then later to Austin, where we are now firmly rooted. We’ve seen each other get married, we’ve gone raw vegan (and back to beef), and trained Stinson to poop outside.


Over the years, we’ve made a lot of mistakes, learned a lot and applied what we’ve learned to our business. One of the biggest lessons we’ve learned is that our company’s success is the result of a million little wins. We didn’t have one Big Idea that made us an overnight success.

So in this blog, we’ll focus on the less glamorous side of entrepreneurship. We’ll share our stories, best practices and lessons learned. We’ll talk about things like execution and getting stuff done; hiring the right people; putting the right infrastructure in place; and systems and processes. And we’ll share some interesting war stories with you along the way. Hopefully, we can help other entrepreneurs apply what we’ve learned to their businesses, too.

Software Advice OfficeThe Software Advice office in Austin, Texas